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   1/8TH Scale 4WD Nitro Power Advanced Rtr Short Course Truck(Model No.:94963)
   Model NO:94963
Compared with LACEREA stock version rally car, LACEREANC2 rally car , launched and improved by Mr. Niki, a famous Hongkong RC expert, looks more professional to be a genuinely competitive RC product.Not only precisely proportional modification but also delicate reconstruction are applied to the new version vehicle. Shock towers are made to be of new prevalence. Radical change of design allows new chassis and linking arms.The engine has also been oriented on the right side on the chassis. What is more, the car will come with a new body shape.... All the way down, the new version car becomes stronger in shape and is of higher performance than before. Rally cars cast spell to RC drivers and become more popular lately. HSP approves a series of rally cars. Here is coming HSP 1-8th scale fuel powered rally car. This 1/8th scale rally car is of high performance combined with superb traction on tough terrain. Having been installed with desert truck body, this car appears to be more aggressive. HSP offers a large number of aluminum hopups that allow you to easily upgrade your RTR kit.


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